Product Description
DIP package, standard 2.54mm pin
Radar support 24 GHZ ISM frequency band
The radar antenna supports 1 receive and 1 transmit, antenna beam narrow, high resolution, frequency bandwidth, strong anti-interference
The radar's max sensing range is up to 5 meters
Radar angle is big, range of ±60 degrees
Radar range and accurate recognition, support induction range, shielding range outsideinterference
Ultra-small size:20*20mm, Plug and play, real-time reporting of detection results
The intelligent adjustment of radar parameters can be realized through the serial port, which is convenient and fast
Support various installation methods such as ceiling and wall
Support UART
Typical application scenarios
Human sensor light control
Human body induction wake-up of advertising screen and other equipment
life safety protection
Smart Appliances
Smart Security
Smart lighting
New energy charging/parking monitoring facilities